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ONLY $49
(3.2hrs of tutorials)


  MPC TOUCH Instructional DVD
Or get the MPC TOUCH Instructional DVD & 12 sound kits (On DVD) for only $90
Or get the MPCTOUCH Instructional DVD & 20 sound kits (On DVD) for only $140
Or get the MPC TOUCH 101 DVD and
30 sound kits (On DVD) for only $180
Get the MPC TOUCH DVD's and a 40 kit CD-ROM
for only $200

Or get the MPC TOUCH 101 DVD's and 53 kits on CDROM
for only $210
Do you want to master the Akai pro MPC TOUCH? If yes then you are in the right place. If you really want to get up under the hood of the MPC Touch this DVD is for you. I will help you master the Touch in no time.
With a heavy emphasis on sampling /chopping this 70+ chapter,3.2 hour DVD will cover most every feature
of the MPC TOUCH plus include tons of tricks and tips.
I Have been a beta tester for the MPC Touch, Ren & Studio for 5 plus years. I also
helped get many of the MPC Software's features into the MPC by working one on one with
the developers. Making me directly responsible for several features past and present.
So who better to teach you your MPCTOUCH then myself?

You wont find all the info on the DVD anywhere! All the features and modes will be covered,everything you need to know to be a MPC Touch master. Filmed on The MPC Touch this DVD will change
how you make music not to mention boost your workflow big time.
The future of music production is now MPC Touch gives us a new way to interact with your MPC.
Akai has given us one of their finest MPC to date with the MPC software and it keeps getting better.
Our tutorial DVD will save you years of time and will inspire you to create tracks.This instructional DVD is massive from basic to advanced to pro this DVD will cover all bases no matter your skill level.
Don`t settle for a cheap knockoff instructional DVD get the real thing right here.
Our MPC Instructional videos are world renowned, We have teaching your your MPC down to a science.
Pick up your copy of the MPC Touch Instructional DVD today!

Go beyond the MPC Touch Instructional with the The MPC Software OS 1.7 -1.8- 1.9 update 90 chapter Instructional video.
Order you copy now for only $32.

  • Video is 2.7 hours
  • Covers all the major features of OS 1.7 through 1.9 in depth
  • 90 chapters on data DVD
  • Included 3 of our finest drum kits (and all 808 booms set)