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                How to automate your MPC2000&2000xl"

You can sequence in mixer changes...here is how..

1 shift mixer
2 go to set up in the mixer screen.
3 turn record mix changes to yes.

Now play in/record you sound in the mixer screen,not the main screen.

While you are recording the sound in move the pan left and right(this also works on the volume)When the seq loops you will see it moving be itself
Cool ha?

Tip 2 " Extreme pans"..

For extreme pan`s,hit shift program and pull up the same sound on a couple different pads then pan them left and right and play them in that way.....Sounds too dope on a shaker!

Tip 3 " How to get a bpm readout of a sample/loop"

First cut your loop start and end so it is perfect.
Then go to loop..
On the old 2000 hit fit.
On the new 2000xl hit edit and loop from start to end.

edit your end points till it is looping perfect.

Now in your trim screen hit params

This is were you tell it how long the sample is.
4beats a bar so if it was 2 bars set 8 beats.
It will now give you the bpm,tempo of the loop.
You can also adjust the pitch from this screen hi or lower and it will give you the new tempo..

Tip 4 "Time stretch on the 2000xl"

First refer to tip 3 how to get a bpm readout.
When you have that done and know your bpm
got to your trim screen and hit edit.

Now scroll all the way up to time stretch.

Pick what kind of sound this is,low freq,hi freq,music ect/

Then select bpm

In this screen you have source tempo(what tempo you sample currently is)

Under that you can pick what tempo you want to stretch too..
hit do it...ban you stretched a loop.

Now hit shift program and assign it to a pad

Tip 5 "Track mutes on the old 2000"

We all know the mpc2000xl has a track mute button,allowing you to mute out many tracks at once....but 2000 owners did you know your old mpc2000 dose it too..

Here is how
Go to your main screen while your seq is playing.
to the right of your track number you have "on" (or "off" if that track is muted) .Highlight "on" now open window...
There it is the same track mute screen the mpc2000xl has.

Now by pressing your drum pads is will mute out tracks.

Tip6 "How to play/map out a sound from your mpc2000xl to you keyboard controllers keys to play ay multi pitches on the keys".

Go to your program/params page select your sound,and go to"auto chromatic assign".This will put the sounds across your keyboard controllers key pads.                                                   
When this is done it will create a new program,and you wll also have to go to drum one and reassign the program you were using.

Then to excess the mapped out sound,go to drum 2 in your params and assign the new program you made and make it drum 2 on your main screen.Refer to loading multiple programs in your manual if you still need help with this.

Tip7. When you trim your samples,hold down shift and use the note slider.This way is much faster when cutting/trimming a sample. 

Tip8.How to chop a sample using your zones.

First sample something.then go to shift trim and edit your sample.Then decide how many samples you want to make out of this sample(1-16)                                                           
Now hit zone in your trim screen.On the right side you will see zone and a number.
Open the window on the number and set ti to how many zones/samples you want to create.
Now on the top right turn xplay to zone.Now when you hit f-6 is will play the part you are editing.
edit your start and end points for all of your zones.When you are ready to chop hit edit in your trim screen and go to slice sound.Create new program no.
Now all you have to do is assign the samples you created in your program screen.

Tip9. "Manipulating samples to sound as if they are sustained notes".

Grab a sample that doesn't change up too much. Go to note parameters and make sure the note has a smooth attack and not a thump to start off with, but rather a nice fade in that cuts off the first peak off(if that applies, eg. a horn blast). Also, make sure your sample has decay so that the note fades out smoothly. Now, your sample should almost seamlessly play at a constant volume level. When recording, just hit that padin such a rhythm that the sample seems to be playing seamlessly. This trick is tougher but it makes the mpc like a synth no bullshittin'. Now if your sample, changes up, the same applies but remember it overlaps. So say your sample changes up in 2 parts, either sustain the first part or the second part so they sound fresh. 

Tip10"Normalizing sounds on the mpc2000.(boosting the db)"
Have you ever sampled something too low on your mpc2000 or Xl,and when you go to drop it to the board the signal is not loud enough,and you have it turned up in the mixer...

Ok go to mixer and set...see ware it says 0db...well highlight it and you can boost it up 15 db.

Tip11. Copying a track from one seq to another seq.

Go to your main screen.
Hit f 2.on top left turn it to edit/copy.
On top right chose from seq#  and track #.then choose the seq # and track you want to copy it t 

Tip12. How to get a sound to play at full velocity after its tapped in. 

In the main screen, when you [open window] on velocity, there's a "mult val%". 
You go there hit the pad you taped it that you want put to full level.
Then put the mult val% amount all the way up.
Now hit do it.

It will boost the vel to the max.
It works the same way as the re timing works.
more soon

RealTime PitchShifting & TimeStretching Mpc25k & Mpc1k


Akai mpc2500 direct record (Extended version)

Chopping a sample on the Akai Mpc2000XL

Chopping a sample on the Akai Mpc1000

Mpc1000 patched phrase video(Realtime Timestretch)

1. Go to Shift + Program and Hit F2 PARAMS
2. Highlight Decay and hit Open Window
3. Put VELO> Attack: 0
           VELO> Start :100
         VELO> Level: 0
4. Go back to Shift + Program and Hit F2 PARAMS and Put overlap of the sample to MONO ( or noto off  but it wont work with polly)
5. Hit 16 level button and put it to VELOCITY

Now tap your 16 pads and you will hear its playing your sample at different start points on all your pads. 
(TIP) This auto chop trick works beat on 1-4 bar samples

Drawback of this trick is you cant adjust the start and end point of each chop.