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This is where you get to hear SFS kits in action and in the hands of a master.
    This spotlight is on VeteranoBeats of  
Below is a interview with VeteranoBeats and to the left  are
Six dope beats using Soundsforsamplers disks.
VeteranoBeats got that heat!!

 First off where are you from ?

Good ol' California

What is your production name and how did you get it?

Veterano. It actually came about when I made an ad for a hard liquor 
called Osborne ( which is my last name ) and the product name was 
Brandy. I had it hung up at my place and my boys seen it and were like 
" Yo, 
Veterano is a hard ass name! Your mexican too so it works "

What made you want to produce music?

I'm not exactly sure. From when I was the age of 7, I was already 
drums, piano and selling my music I recorded with my little boom box 
tape to neighbors. I had no idea that I was hustling music, I just 
people to hear my ideas. So I guess being involved with music 
started since my early years.

What do you describe your sounds as?

Unpredictable and always evolving.

What did you use when you 1st started out and what do you use now for 

Triton Pro X, Asr 10, Boss Dr.Groove drum machine, Sp-303 sampler. I 
now use 
FL Studio, Roland s-10 sampler as my midi controller and a mass amounts 

How old are you anyway?


Do you play any live instruments?

I'm more of a percussion man. Drums, shakers and any home made 
instruments I think of.

Do you have a certain formula when making music?

I never have a routine. I'm influenced by music in a different way, 

Describe a typical day for you in the studio making beats?

You mean my studio/bedroom? I wake up, watch some Seinfeld, smoke a 
black n 
mild, delete all the wack shit from the night before, dig until I find 

good amount of material, go to work, come home and then make beats for 
10+ hours, put on some Seinfeld and call it a day.

Who are your musical influences past and present?

Hundreds upon thousands of musical influences. Gary Wright, Tomita, 
Alchemist, Shawn J, Kool Keith, Casual, Beans ( of Anti-Pop ), 
Radio Head, Wings ( the group ), Dan The Automator, etc, etc...

What do you think the future of music production will be?

I don't have a theory, but as far as hiphop goes, I would like to hear 
music evolve to live instrumentation. There is nothing like seein a 
band perform.

What do you picture in your dream studio set up?

FL studio, 1,000,000 + Vsti's, midi controller and a warehouse of 
I'm not that complicated.

What projects are you working on now?

I got some nice shit for this coming year. Fingers crossed on a few 
for the radio, the Veterano Remix Album, a few rock bands and misc. 
production for some underground heads whom I wish not to name.

 What artists would you like to some day be able to work with?

Pharoahe Monch
Rass Kass
Cooked I
Sly Boogie
Royce 59
Phife Dawg
Planet Asia
Mos Def
De La Soul
Kool Keith
Slum Village
Warren G.
Kool G Rap
Black Thought

If someone who reads this interview wants to buy some of your beats 
do they get @ you?

Aim: MusicaDeVeterano
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-209-679-6177

Any last words?

R.I.P to my homie Thomas from L.A..

Also peace to my man Hoffu, my boy Frank Dukes, my graf crew, my 
Fortilive (slomo,mushmouf and illmind) and to all those who out there 
hustling their music to further their careers, much respect.

xtra xtra thanks to s4s for hittin' me with by far the illest drum kits I 
have ever used, seriously.

Veterano and im out!