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Illmind where you repping from:

What made you want to produce music:

Just being such a big fan of hip-hop, and music in general got me interested. My dad plays the
guitar, and when i was younger he used to record his own tracks. I was surrounded by
all types of music throughout my childhood.

What do you
describe your sounds as:

I don't really like to pigeon-hole myself into a particular type of sound. I just try to make shit
that's hot. Real bassline heavy stuff, hot drums, and soul. The music's gotta have soul to it!

When did you start making beats:

When I was about 13 years old i started messing with it. My pops bought this Roland keyboard
that had a bunch of sounds on it. I played with it and made real shitty beats! Haha but it
was fun nonetheless. I guess i just haven't really stopped since. 

When did you start taking it more seriously:

I'd say about 3 or 4 years now, as far as working with other people goes.

How old are you :


You have rocked Beat society live many times,what was that like:

Man! I get inspired every time i go to one, even when i'm not in it. It's been a pleasure to rock
with the cats that i've rocked with, and it has also opened up many doors for me. Beatsociety
is basically the ultimate way to get an un-biased opinion about your music from a bunch of
strangers. It's always all love, and if you make beats, I highly recommend that you attend
one if it's in your area!

What did you use when you 1st started out and what do you use now 
for production:

Like I said before, the very first thing i've ever messed with was a Roland KR-4500. I also
did the whole pause tape thing when i first started getting into sampling shit. Now i use an
ASR-10, Boss sp-303, and some other things. I can't live without my sp303!

Do you play any live instruments:

Not really. I mess with a bassguitar once in a while. I also use shakers, and do live claps and
snaps on some of my beats. I have a really shitty snare drum that i sample from occasionally,
and some broke ass tams hahah.

Who are your musical influences past and present:

Stevie Wonder. Nothing more to say other than that he is a genius. I get influenced by a lot
of things. Dilla and Pete Rock are # 1 and #2 on my list. I mean, who isn't influenced by these

What projects have you worked on in the past,and what are you working on now:

I have a slew of stuff i'm workin on right now. Akrobatik's 12" Remind My Soul, Organic
Thoughts 12" Be Alright feat. Prince Poetry, and the Grand Agent Master Thieves Vol. 1 remix
album, along with a few other things, are all available in stores now! Right now i'm focusing
on my Fortilive project (me, Slo-mo, and Mushmouf). These cats are probably the illest cats
i've ever worked with. I got stuff commin out with Bahamadia, Ak and Lif, Intense from Schoolz
of Thought, Dave Ghetto, Reef, Organic Thoughts, and a bunch of others i'd rather not mention
yet to avoid jinxing myself! haha

What artists would you like to some day be able to work with:

Anybody who is down to make good music. But in particular, Blackthought, Common, Kweli, 
Mos, and Nas come to mind first. There are a bunch of people i'd like to work with someday.
There's really too many to name.

What would be your dream production studio gear list:

I'm not into the whole fancy set up shit. I'm satisfied with what i have right now actually. Just
give me records. Give me every single record on the planet, and we're good to go haha!

Describe a typical day for you in the studio making beats:

I just go in there and zone out man. The shit is like routine for me. After i dig for samples, it
just happens. Sometimes i'll keep going and make 2 or 3 in a row. I'll take a break to 
go to the bathroom, or to eat, then i'd come back and make more. I spend most of my
time tweaking my drums. Them shits have to be perfect. Everything has to be perfect actually.
It's all about timing!

Whats are your opinions on becoming the well 
rounded producer that does both sampling and plays keys :

Being consistant. A producer who can make every single beat bang, and also a producer
who doesn't limit themself. To me, the typical "heard one, heard em all" producer won't go very
far. That's just my opinion. 

What do you think the future of music production will be:

Some wacky synthy spaced out stuff! haha nah, honestly I couldn't tell you. I do know that
the whole computer production thing will probably become the norm. Hip-hop is still very
young, but hopefully the hot shit will still be around 30 or 40 years from now. 

If someone who reads this interview wants to buy some of your beats
how do they get @ you:

Email, buisness card, whatever man. It doesnt matter. Just don't come to my damn house! 
Emailing me at [email protected] would be a start.

Do you got any shot outs:

Shouts to everybody I work with. Beatfanatics, Wax Reform, and all you producers doin your
thing. Don't forget to cop these soundsforsamplers.com drum kits too. Trust me, they BANG! Im out.....