Artist Decap
Decap first of where are you from:

Nashua, NH

What made you want to produce music:

I started rhyming around 1994, and DJing in 1996. I was influenced most by hip hop albums that were dropped around 1995, 1996. In 1996 I bought a HR-16 drum machine, SP-202 sampler, and a Tascam Porta 02 4-track recorder. With this equipment I started fuckin with some beats and samples off my turntable. Around 1997, I joined a local rap group Young Tribe. Since they all came to my crib to record on my four track, I decided I'd make the beats for the album we put together (although I was more into emceeing.) After producing the Young Tribe tracks, I began to put emceeing second to my production work, although I still emcee to this date.

What do you
describe your sounds as:

Authentic, inspiring, soulful, up to date, in your face, HITS.

You seem wise beyond your years with beats how old are you in fact:


What did you use when you 1st started out and what do you use now 
for production:

First started with the HR-16 drum machine, the Porta 02 4 Track Recorder, and the SP-202 sampler. Moved on to the MPC2000, then switched to the MPC2000XL. Currently I'm using a Dell PC with software such as Cool Edit Pro, Logic, Vienna, Tuareg, T-Racks, etc. To trigger my samples I use an Oxygen 8 MIDI controller. I also have a Dell laptop for beats on the go, and easy transportation of sessions.  

Who are your musical influences past and present:

Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, Kanye West, Pete Rock, Hi Tek, Neptunes, Just Blaze, Alchemist, M-Phazes, etc.  

What projects are you working on now:

Some are:

Skyline - solo LP (
Decap & LB - PreGame
Autamatic - solo LP
Billy Bones - solo LP
Lb - solo LP
Quotable - 3 Kings

What artists would you like to some day be able to work with:

Dr. Dre, Jay-z, MOP, Method Man, Ghostface, Little Brother, Eminem, Krumb Snatcha, Mobb Deep, Outkast, Twista. 

What would be your dream production studio gear list:

Pro Tools (maxxxxed out), MPC1000, MPC4000, SP-1200, ASR-10, Triton, Dell PC (and laptop with the MPD pads) with lots and lots of ram, and lots and lots of disk space, some great studio monitors with a big ass subwoofer, a condenser mic straight out the hit factory, a nice drum set, guitars, piano, and a bunch of cool rare instrumens. Thats all I can think of right now, but I'd probably add shit for days given the time.

Describe a typical day for you in the studio making beats:

Wake up at 12PM, listen thru a few records off the new stack that I bought, and record a few hot samples. After I'm done recording the samples I'm like damn, that Isaac Hayes sample is hot. I flip it and I make an ill beat. I make at least 2-5 beats everytime I sit down to make beats, unless otherwise interrupted.

You are most def the master of the sample chop,and I see you have been 
using keys latey too. What are your opinions on becoming the well 
rounded producer that does both:

Basically I feel that some beats just need something else added. Its one of those techniques that makes me who I am as a producer. Also, in my opinion, producing is all about elevating, and being versatile. This includes being well-rounded.

What do think the future of music production will be:

Hip hop producers will start using PC's more as the base of their setup. I see hip hop getting more soulful as well. Especially with the rise of Kanye West. Producers were making them sample free beats before, and now it seems like a majority are sampled today. Only time will tell.

If someone who reads this interview wants to buy some of your beats
how do they get @ you:
[email protected]

Do you got any shot outs:

Anyone who supports this production thing I'm doing. Shouts to my family, friends, fellow artists, and those who've helped me become who I am. Shouts to all the haters too, fuck you!


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