Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I need a Paypal account to order?

No when you go to check out,click on use credit card option.
Here is a screen shot of what that looks like in the checkout process

Q: I just placed a order,when can I expect delivery?

A: Most orders go out within 48 hrs,some even the same day.All orders are sent out Usps 2-3  day mail ( USA ),or USPS air mail for international orders..

Q: How many sounds are there per disk (kit)?

A: Our kits average about 50 sounds per kit,so if you order a 40 disk set you are looking at about 2000 ill sounds.

Q: How do you make your sounds,and why are they better then all the other stuff out there?

A: Its all in the way we process our sounds,that`s what makes them the illest drum kits outthere.Its in the way we eq, process,& layer um that makes
em the illest.We also incorporate live percussion and vintage live drums.The end result is always some ill hiphop/r&b sounding kits that will inspire you to make music.

Q: Why don`t  soundsforsamplers sell individual kits (disks)?

A: We put alot of work and love into making these
ill sound kits,its just not worth it for us to sell  individual kits(disks).
The customer wins in the end with our prices being rock bottom.
For instance for $100 you can get 20 of our kits (disks)!! In some other places that same $100 would only get you 9 kits at best,and they probably still wouldn't have as many sounds as we pack per kit (disk)  .

Q: Can I get my order sent to me with digital delivery?

A:Yes,you can get any mpc or wav order sent to
your email addy or transferred through AOL messenger.But since some emails only give a certain amount of space,we prefer to do the transfers with AOL instant messenger .
A.I.m is a free download at

You also save on the shipping charges when you do digital delivery.Just place your order then A.i.m me at MPCGURU

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