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This is what you Force Fx lovers have waited for,the first Obi Wan Force Fx Lightsaber Review and Video to hit the net,and its a www.Force-fx.com exclusive.(Just like we did with the Luke ROTJ and Mace ROTS you will see video of this new lightsaber here FIRST!!)
I now proudly present to the world the MasterReplicas Obi Wan Kenobi ROTS Force Fx lightsaber review. By Kit Fisto

Every time Master Replicas puts out a new Force Fx Lightsaber the anticipation in the months before the release is HUGE!!,almost too much for a Force Fx lover like me to take..
But from a personal standpoint,the Obi Wan ROTS Fx was the one I had hoped and waited for.
So when pics of the prototype Obi Wan came in from the Toy fare a few months ago I was blown away by the beauty of the Obi Wan Hilt,it was gorgious..
So fast forward to a week ago,I was reading the MR blog like I religiously do each day and was elated to see MR was to sell a small amount at CDCC the weekend of 7-20 trough 7-23.
I was to be off to comi con,or so thought. Car troubles,and my disabled mother having another fall threw a monkey wrench in my weekend plans..

All hope was lost....or was it.
Faith in the force and a lucky long shot plea at Rebelscum was my only chance. To make a long story short JimCorrigan or Rebelscum agreed to pick one up for me while he was at SCCC Saturday.
So because of the kindness of JimCorrigan I am able to bring to you the very 1st Obi Wan Kenobi Force Fx videos and review.

So I finally get the Obi Wan late Saturday night the 1st thing I notice *and love* Is the new box.
In the tradition of the new Darth Maul Box the Obi Wan has the same suburb graphics,new silver Star Wars banner and all.
So enough said,time to open the box so I open the beautiful box and see my shiny new Obi Wan fx in all its glory.

The first thing that I notice is the power button,or that is I didn't notice the power button,it took some looking for.
Turns out the power button slides up. This is a great feature,there will be no accidentally turning off this baby mid spin.
I like the placement,and functionality of this power button more then any previous saber,it really feels like your turning on a real lightsaber when you slide it up.
Speaking of feeling like a real lightsaber,the Obi Wan is so pleasing to hold,its a little on the heavy side,it weighs about as much as a Mace FX,and is heaver then the Anakin ROTS,and Luke ROTJ,and Maul.

The grips feel and look awesome,in fact the entire hilt is a work of art,best looking FFX hilt ever in my opinion.
Despite what some people thought,there is NO plastic on the hilt anywhere.
The hilt feels VERY strong and solid. The gold parts look incredible,I like the look of the gold much more then the gold on the Mace Fx hilts. It might be shaped like the Luke ROTJ but its feel and look are nothing alike. It also has about 10 little holes around the emitter of the hilt that seem to capture the light of the blade. Having the holes also seems to give the blade a more intense glow coming out the emitter,and that is HOT!!!! .

Now moving up to the blade,the blade looks like it is built to last,very thick for dueling but not quite as thick as the Mauls.
IT is a tad on the short side (about a inch shorter then the Anakin ROTS,and about 2 inches shoter then the Luke ROTS FX
So now time to power this baby up. Now unlike the Maul the Obi Wan runs on 3 AA battery's,NOT AAA.
So I insert the battery's and hold my breath as I push up the power button. I am greeted my the familiar saber on ( and off as the Anakin) it might be a little different but I can't really tell.
The idel hum sounds much like the Anakin ROTS just as a little lower of pitch. Volume wise its about as loud as the Anakin..

Now what really impressed me is the blades brightness,it is def a little brighter then the Anakin,and lit the entire area a rich light blue.
It is such a joy to look at and is so pleasing to the touch to hold. The shock value of this saber is extreme,and on film the blade could be mistaken for a rotoscoped video when the battery's are fresh.
Speaking of the blade,it is the best MR FFX blade I have seen NO blotches or dark spots at all.
This saber feels very sturdy as well and I'm sure will take a hell of a beating..
In conclusion,every new lightsaber MasterReplicas puts out gets better and better and the Obi Wan ROTS FX is no exception,every Force Fx Lover is sure to love this lightsaber,most will have found a new favorite,I know I did.
Kit Fisto
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