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Darth Maul Force Fx Review
Master Replicas 2006 Darth Maul Battle Damaged Force FX Light Saber
This saber was the most anticipated Force FX of 06 and I was lucky to get my hands on one.
I was very pleased with this saber,I have heard a grumble that some aren't please because It sounds like Darth Vader's...The sound In the maul is much better...Its Clear and Louder...I didn't care that it sound like Darth Vader's...after while you get over the sound and Image that now you have a Darth Maul Force FX...Just imagine when you have two..The loud roar of the idle humm...

The blade is actually red...
Not a red orange like Vader's is....the hilt is very detailed...Feeling the metal again my palm is great...There is a knob that you turn right to turn on and left to turn off instead of pushing switched up and down...I like that a lot...It brought a difference to the saber collection...
No other saber has this! 

The Maul uses 3 AAA batteries instead of the 3 or 6 AA batteries...The saber has more or less the same weight as Luke Skywalkers ROTJ....I was also please with the weight of the saber...Very much easy to wield...In my opinion This is the best Force FX there is and is a must have for Force FX Collectors
My Review...Eric A. Patterson Jr
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